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"Poker players are like farts, it's the silent ones that are deadly."

Should you limp, raise or fold? Is it a good idea to come in with a raise AQ suited from early position or should you just flat call? How do you play those middle pairs from middle position? When is it correct to raise from the Big Blind and with what range of hands? If there are aspects of your play you need help with then the following websites are all there to say 'it depends'...

Pokertips -  a great site for live and online poker strategy and information, with informative poker forums and online poker reviews - a friendly online poker community website with very informative poker forums, a useful section on poker strategy, poker room reviews and poker news.

Learn Texas Hold 'Em - Great little site for anyone new to the game - includes articles on the rules of Texas Hold 'Em, poker hand rankings, basic  strategy and tables on odds and probabilities. Required reading!

Low Limit Hold 'Em-  geared towards beginning and intermediate Texas Hold'em players, this excellent site is chock-full of articles, essays, strategy and tactics for anyone playing in low limit cash games, whether live or online. Highly recommended.

Pokersourceonline - an interesting site for tips, strategies and articles on online play and table play. Interesting forums.

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -