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 "No set, no bet!"

....just to scare the children. There's no denying that we turn heads wherever we go, but I think this may be somewhat closer linked to the fact that we have faces 'made for radio' rather than our being eternally blessed in the good looks department. In the same way that people used to flock to the Circus in days of yore to gape at the bearded lady, ladies everywhere and the poker world at large are perhaps understandably keen to know more about us. As we're always happy to oblige a frustrated public, the following pages have been designed just for you, with everything you could ever want to know about the motley crew that make up the 7-2offsuit collective. And possibly some things you didn't want to know... 

No it doesn't. You are fat. If anyone wishes for their profile to be amended in any way (big wins, new favourite openers, a picture that doesn't make you look like a gap-toothed hillbilly, et cetera) just drop me a line. If you want your profile removed from the site (in hiding from the Inland Revenue, the CSA, fellow poker players et cetera) just drop me a line and send money. I update profiles every week, usually on a Sunday, when I really ought to be working.

Thankfully no-one, although this may well be subject to change in the future. Getting your mug on the website is painfully easy. Players wishing to register a NEW profile please fire off a blank email to this address to be automatically sent a profile questionnaire. Answer all the probing and inciteful questions thereon as amusingly as possible and return it to me et voila - instant fame and immortality (at least for as long as I continue to pay my hosting fees). I hope that's sufficiently complicated to keep my workload down to the absolute bare minimum. Carry on.

To suggest an amusing, ribald or defamatory nickname for an existing profile or interesting questions you'd like to see incorporated into the profiles section in the future please email me direct and I'll see what I can do. 

Anyone sending me in happy smiling pictures of themselves please note that for some reason my computer will only handle stuff that comes to it in the jpg formas. Anything else and it starts coughing and spluttering and packs in altogether. Maybe I'm using the wrong sort of coal...

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -