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"That boy is so dumb. If it was raining soup, he'd be outside with a fork." - archived news and views from all over the poker world - from probably the most highly regarded poker magazine out there. - HUGE poker news archive covering all the latest happenings within the world of poker, pulled mostly from Online Casino News.

Poker in Europe - All the latest news from the European poker trail including trip reports, tournament announcements and press releases. -  Tony G runs this site, handy Rules section, interesting News Archive and good site reviews from one of the real - erm - 'characters' of professional poker. - Interesting articles and information on all matters relating to poker. Run an online Poker school and also affiliated with Bugsysclub, another good online poker site.

Pokerwire - If you want to know what's happening right NOW in any of the big poker events happening around the World (WPT/WSOP et cetera) then pokerwire should be your first port of call. The very latest info on who's still in, who's busted out, up-to-the-minute chip counts, images and audio clips from all the major tournaments, it's all here.

Professional Poker - 'A player's guide to online poker'. Very slick-looking site offering poker news, strategies and reviews of online cardrooms. - a nicely put together web-based newsreader for the amorphous internet newsgroup A lively poker forum with stuff that might not necessarily make the dailies. You could also try RGPAccess, which is more of the same, but different :O)

Sporting Life - Excellent coverage of all the major tournaments with the latest event standings, rankings and coverage of upcoming events. Some interesting features and pro diaries too, and a lively poker forum.

The Good Gambling Guide - A very comprehensive site covering all aspects of gaming, but with its own section devoted to poker, and of course the latest poker news.  Good coverege of the WSOP.

The Poker Forum - All the latest worldwide poker news from a rich variety of sources. Direct links to the all the major newspapers, worldwide.  

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