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“I am a lucky player; a powerful winning force surrounds me.”

Welcome to the shiny bright lights that is the home to 7-2off. First time visitor? Go here and read all about us. This page is for those lazy regulars who quite frankly can't be arsed trying to navigate their way round the site to find out what's happening  Lazy arses.


As of 1st August 2006 I will be listing ALL home games that wish to attract players on the 'Events' page of the London Poker Meetup Site. The site is dynamically updated so:

(a) guests can amend their RSVPs much more easily, with comments

(b) hosts can tell at a glance who's coming and who's not, and

(c) The target audience is larger, so games are more likely to fill

If hosts would rather not have their games listed on the LPM site they are of course still free to email the private membership of 7-2offsuit as usual.



London Poker Meetup Heads Up Championship (June) - LIVE NL Holdem HU tourney (£25 buyin) - * 64 seats *

The World Series of 7-2 Offsuit (July) - LIVE NL Holdem MTT (£100 + £10) freezeout - * 72 SEATS  *

The Friday Night Poker Open (November) - LIVE NL Holdem MTT (TBC + TBC) freezeout - * 180 SEATS *


                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -