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"Home poker games are a great way to meet people...

                                                     ...and relieve them of their money"

Not everybody lives in London (well, it would get a bit crowded) and finding a good home poker game outside of our Nation's glorious capital isn't the easiest thing in the World. I remember once trying to find a home poker game in Abergavenny and getting flashbacks of that bloke trawling his local Red Light District getting slapped in the chops every 5 minutes asking if anyone 'did' Pot Noodle. I hate to think of you lot going through that, so instead of watching the finals of 'American Idol' tonight I thought I'd knock up this little section of the site to spare your red cheeks and shoe leather! You're bloody welcome.


Felixstowe Poker - Steve Ridley's new poker group in sunny Felixstowe. If you're looking for a friendly home poker game where having a laugh is almost as important as winning the big pots, then this would be the place for you.
Most of the group come from the surrounding area (Ipswich and Colchester).

Ipswich Poker - home game site based in Ipswich, run by Cat ‘Short Stack’ Ridley.. Yes, they play poker in Ipswich. Their website's a rather nice shade of green too. Friendly players, small stakes, big ears.

Stoke Poker - 'The home of Poker in Stoke on Trent'. Initially (back in August 2004) this website was just set up to gather details of anyone who might be interested in playing live poker regularly in and around Stoke, but it's rapidly transmogrified into a very slick poker website. They play online too. Run by Chris Newman.

Windrush Valley Card Club - do you live in the Cotswolds and play poker? Chances are you've already heard of this one then, but if you're new to the area and are looking for a game check out Jason's site. It ain't half bad. 

Anyone with info on home games in the Central area feel free to email me.


Anyone with info on home games in Ireland feel free to email me.


Deuce Deuce Club - home game site for a group of players in the North East. Hesta ivver sin a cuddy lowp ower a yat? Well, near enough...

Anyone with info on home games in the North east feel free to email me.


Barrow Poker - A 100+ strong community of poker players in the home of Vickers Shipyards, where my grandad used to work. Regular live poker tournaments and online games and a turnkey poker event service offering  table and chip rental, provision of dealers and everything else you might need for your own fund-raising event. Let's hope they don't see all the nasty things I've said about Barrow, Dalton, Walney and the like, or I'll have to go into bloody hiding. They also run Cumbrian Poker.

Anyone with info on home games in the North West feel free to email me.


Edinburgh University Poker School - OK, it's not a home game, but EUPS run regular (weekly) tourneys for cheap money, so if you're a student (or ever were one) sign up and have a pop. Membership for as little as a fiver! 

Glasgow Poker School - this is a fairly new site dedicated to all things poker in and around Glasgow & West Central Scotland. Forums, a Games Calendar and access to regular home games in and around Glasgow.

Weetoonpoker - home to the Wee Toon Poker Tour - a small network of poker players and home games in Campbeltown, Argyll.

Anyone with info on home games in Scotland feel free to email me.


Acesup - home game site run by Jonny Foy. Home games are held in various locations throughout Kent, culminating in an Annual League Championship in July of each year.

Berkshire Poker - fairly new home game site run by Emily Beaumont. Games are held in Sandhurst, Berkshire, usually on Monday nights.

Big Slick Promotions - run by Billy Claridge. Regular MTTs in deepest, darkest Chessington and setting up in Chelmsford very soon... 

Cheeseypoker - home game site based in Milton Keynes, run by 'Awesome' Ali Cheeseman. Friendly bunch of lads and lasses, and our brothers (and sisters) in arms against those damn Frenchies in the Club Poker Challenge on 'Stars every month.

Low Rollers - Another poker group based in London. They play on a boat, have more interesting bios and are much better dressed than us. I hate them already.

MK Poker - Milton Keynes poker club. Another friendly bunch of poker players who meet up every Monday night at the George-Inn, Little Brickhill. You must be a member to play. 

Phat Dogs - aka Three Counties Poker - rotating home game based Berks and Surrey. Great website (puts mine to shame) run by Lindsey Golightly.

Riverstars - it's not just a nickname for Pokerstars - it's ALIIIIVE!  Another 'home game' site run by Steve White - for anyone looking for a home poker game in Hertfordshire, this lot look like a friendly bunch.

Seven Deuce Club - Ah, someone after my own heart. This bunch of lads play small stakes poker every month and have a nice little site with League Tables, match reports and all sorts of interesting stuff. Why the hell am I not on their links page dammit? I believe they're in Kent, but I'm guessing

Slough Palace - ah, Slough. Home of the humble Mars Bar, Herbalife and of course David Brent. Also, funnily enough, home of 'The Slough Palace' Friday night game, run by Mel Lofthouse and Eugene Cummins. If you’re looking for a friendly home game in Berkshire with a high standard of play you can stop looking – you’ve found it (n.b. The origina; SP game has now closed its doors, but original members of the group have another regular game going in Slough - check out their forums for more details)...

Stodmarsh Perudo Club -  Extremely well-organised private poker club with its own premises smack bang in the middle of Canterbury city centre. Tournaments are held every Wednesday and Sunday.

Tottenham Poker Tour - Ed and Asher's ridiculously friendly homegame crowd run regular (fortnightly) games all over London, including South Tottenham, Highbury, Archway, Muswell Hill, even Brixton (good God)!  

Twickenham Poker - Several pubs in and around Twickers have been  offering small stakes poker tournament for a while now, some with rebuys, pot limit games, side games and buffets. This website has just been put together to collect all the relevant info on these games in one place.

Anyone with info on home games in the South East feel free to email me.


Bristol & South West Poker Meetup - If you want to play poker in the South West this is the place. With members from Bristol, Cheltenham, Chippenham, Bath and Weston and one of the friendliest message boards and busiest event schedules I've seen in a long time this is a great little community of poker players, and well worth a looksee. Recommended, even if you're from as far afield as 'London Village'!

Exeter Poker -  a friendly association of local poker players who meet up regularly to take money from each other! They play for a variety of stakes - both live and online - and although hold 'em predominates, many of the group play other forms of the game. Tournament poker and cash games.

Swindon Poker Live - another recently established Meetup group for poker players in and around Swindon. And Wootton Bassett. Wherever that is.

Witney Poker Club - if you play poker in Oxfordshire then this website is definitely worth a look. A full tournament schedule (with seating for up to 40 runners, a forum, poker news, and they make their own poker tables too!

Yeovil Poker - A relatively new poker club started in 2006 and aiming to start a poker league in the South Somerset area for the arranging of home games, they also supply most items associated with poker, including poker tables, poker chips, playing cards, rulebooks etc.

Anyone with info on home games in the South West feel free to email me.


See? Told you there wasn't any bloody action in Cymru...

Anyone with info on home games in Wales feel free to email me.


FindPokerPal - is the internet's largest resource for Offline Poker Games.  The site helps you find, schedule and organize home, club, charity or public poker games and tournaments in you own area.  

Gutshot - a short listing of home poker games provided by the lads who run the card room on the Clerkenwell Road. 

Homepokergames - listing of home poker games by region and country. If you can't find a game near you, there probably isn't one.

Meetup - poker players all over who might be looking up. If you don't have a poker meetup group in your area, why not start one?

Pokerology - run by Tim Ryerson, Pokerology is a great little poker resource website, and on this page they have a very good listing of home poker games throughout the UK.

Texasholdempokeruk - Another listing of home poker games in the UK by region - just click on the map and Robert's your father's brother! 

UK Private Poker registry -  Great (sadly under-utilised) site for anyone organising or looking to participate in a home poker game - online list of players looking for games and private games looking for players.

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -