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 "Money's just a way of keeping score."

Poker players who are serious about their game keep records. And no, I don't mean that Frank Zappa 'Moe's Vacation' Picture Disc or the entire back catalogue of Bing Crosby that only your parents know you have, I mean detailed accounts of their wins and losses. But let's be honest, really, who can be arsed? Certainly not me, for one. If I break even, make a small loss or make a small profit over the course of a year, well whoopee spurt. Ask anyone in our group what really drives them to win and most will give the same answer - its the glory, the prestige and the unadulterated hero-worship that comes from the heady reaches of the 7-2 offsuit Leaderboard!

                   "Five tits!"

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -