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 "Cream always rises to the top."

Until August 2004 we only ever played cash games, but some bright spark went and suggested it might be a good idea to start our evenings with a mini-freezeout to really sort the men from the boys. And, of course, the girls. If you were wondering which category YOU fell under, have a butcher's below. Assuming you're good enough to have made it into the top 10 players, that is.

   Intimidate your enemies! 

We've decided that listing absolutely everyone who has ever played with us and the amounts they have lost or won over the weeks is neither use nor bloody ornament, coupled with the fact that there are over 100 players now and listing everyone's results has become a real pain in the arse, so henceforth this table will simply list the top 10 players. No offence to those who were in 11th spot and below but perhaps you should try playing fewer hands and start winning a few more games? 

                                                              Be the envy of your friends!

From time to time I'll be giving away one of these fine limited-edition Friday Night Poker baseball caps. Dave B was the first player to reach 5 wins (he now has no less than two Friday Night Poker caps in his collection!). The next one of these exclusive and highly desirable items will go to the first player to post a total payout (P/O) of £600 or more from £10 freezeouts. Good luck!

    Not available in stores! 

One player performing a 'hit-and-run' and never showing his face again would somewhat distort the League Table, so in order to qualify for inclusion a player MUST have attended a minimum number of games. The number of games required is shown below, and will increase over time.  

  • 71-80 tournaments - must have attended a minimum of 9 games
  • 81-90 tournaments - must have attended a minimum of 10 games
  • 91-100 tournaments - must have attended a minimum of 11 games

And so on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, ad absurdum, ad lib et cetera et cetera

 In the
1stBrad H   11    3    2    6  45%£110£228 £118+107.3
2ndKirsteen   11     3    3    5 55%£110£210 £100+90.9
3rdVincent   15    3     6    6 60%£150£241 £91+60.7
4thDave B   24    6    5   13 46%£240£379 £139+57.8
5thWoody   24    3    8   15 42%£260£385 £125+48.2
6thAsif   10    3    0    7 30%£100£145 £45+45.0
7thCathy D   29    4   12   13 55%£290£383 £93+31.9
8thDes D   13    1    4    8 38%£130£164 £34+26.2
9thPiotr   10    2     1    7  30% £100£126 £26+26.0
10thMark Y   14    2    2   10 29%£140£176 £36+25.4

The rankings shown above are based on Return on Investment, not Net Profit. Where R.O.I. is identical, rankings are in alphabetical order.  In the event of any dispute, I am right and you are wrong, so please don't bombard me with emails. Ta everso..

You can download and view the full League Table in all its multi-coloured splendour by logging into the friday-night-poker Yahoo! group and going into the files section (only accessible by group members). Ain't we secretive?

Freezeouts played: 75

Total paid out to date: £7,250

Total number of players on current league table: 137

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -