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"It's unlucky to be superstitious..."

For anyone who's been living in a mud hut out in the boonies for the last something years and doesn't actually know what a Blog is, allow me to be a bright and - erm - extremely condescending  candle of illumination and enlightenment in the darkness of your ignorant life (do you know what I mean when I use the word 'condescending' by the way? Would you like me to explain it to you?)

A Blog (short for Web Log) is an online diary (all you septics - read 'journal') which is updated regularly by the owner, often with photos and links as well as a personal commentary. It's instantly updatable, accessible to all and is also interactive, so the people reading it can communicate with the owner (read 'flame' the owner) as well as getting inside his/her head. There are, of course, blogs covering the whole spectrum of human behaviour, from working in a call-centre to 'being an escort in London' right through to trout-fishing in south-central Wisconsin.

With poker being as 'sexy' as it is right now its perhaps not surprising that poker blogs are one of the fastest growing areas on the internet today, with pros and  enthusiastic amateurs alike throwing out their thoughts and experiences online to share with the poker-hungry masses. The introduction of hole-card cams and pro commentaries on TV have both contributed to the growth of poker as a whole and blogging adds yet another dimension to this, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to gain an insight into the minds of the pros (and others, even perhaps people they play with regularly) and share their experiences of the game.  Through the blog you are able to get to know and even enter into dialogue with the author, sharing in his or her victories and failures and being able to berate, criticize or console him/her for making that raise in first position with the Beer Hand to begin with!

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of Poker blogs out there, and clearly the vast majority of these are (to use a High English term) just a load of old bollocks. Of course I have nothing better to do with my day than read all this crap so to save you from doing the same please find below for your amusement, information and convenience (in bloody alphabetical order no less) my top 36 Poker Blog picks. Enjoy, and stuff.

21 outs twice      Chris Fargis       Click here
Andy Ward's Diary       Andy Ward       Click here
Catching The AntiChrist      Jason Kirk       Click here
Chris Halverson       Chris Halverson       Click here
Daniel Negeanu       Daniel Negeanu       Click here
DoubleAs      'DoubleAs'       Click here
Infant Days Sleepless Nights      'Chilly'       Click here
Internet Poker Pro       Big Dave D       Click here
Felicia Lee       Felicia Lee       Click here
Fifty Outs       Jan Christoph       Click here
Guinness and Poker       Iggy       Click here
Lion Tales        Richard Brodie       Click here
Las Vegas and Poker Blog       Who Knows?       Click here
Matt Matros       Matt Matros       Click here
Mean Gene       Gene       Click here
Milkybarkid's Poker Blog      Ben Grundy       Click here
No Stinkin' Nine to Five       Jodi       Click here
Paul Phillips        Paul Phillips        Click here
Pokerati       Dan M       Click here
Poker Chronicles      Matthew Maroon        Click here
Poker Babe       Shirley Rosario        Click here
Pokerbastard       Who the hell knows?       Click here
Poker Geek       Chris Hanel       Click here 
Pokergrub       'Grubby'       Click here
Pokerworks       Linda Geenen       Click here
Redsimonpoker      'Redsimon'       Click here
Seven Deuce       'Seven Deuce'       Click here
Sleepless in Fulham       David Young       Click here
Sound Of A Suckout      'Scurvydog'       Click here
Table Tango      Linda Geenen       Click here
Tao of Poker        Paul McGuire        Click here
The Camel Ruminates      Keith Hawkins       Click here
The Cards Speak       Henry Wasserman        Click here
Tony G Poker      Antanas Guoga        Click here
Two Hole Cards      Nick       Click here
Two Seven Off      '27off'       Click here

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -