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"The dumbest people I know are those who know it all!"

Best Damn Hand in Poker - Celeryman, a professional 7-2 offsuit player reveals the biggest secret in the poker world....7-2offsuit is The Best Damn Hand in Poker! This is a hilarious site extolling the virtues of playing 'The Hammer' - the man knows of what he speaks I can tell you! *CLICK THE DAMN LINK!*

Bill Fillmaff's Secret System -  "If you play poker without sunglasses you might as well just be giving your money to Jerry's Kids, because you're a huge idiot."  Never a truer word was spoken. This is a series of 4 short films about poker strategy, all available for free download. Bill Fillmaff is genius. Among other things he explains the oft-misunderstood concept of EV, the setting of traps, and why you should always wear sunglasses at the poker table. Poker strategy at it's absolute best.  If you own or have watched any of the Phil Hellmuth DVDs, then you'll love this. Classic.

Phil Papmuth - The King of Coffeehousing shares his favourite one liners for all to share, and invites you to try them out against any player you feel is a real 'douchebag'.

Poker Joke of the Day - Sign up and get poker jokes emailed to you daily. Then they'll sell your email address to all the major poker websites and they'll email you daily too. See how funny that is.

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -