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"Set it or forget it..."

The Golf HQ – looking for the best possible poker deal? How about 1000 Dice chips for only £39.99? For poor quality (but perfectly good) poker chips and poker tables at frankly ridiculously low prices, this lot are hard to beat... - these guys supply top-of-the-line casino-quality clay poker chips for those who are serious about their game. Quality does, however, come at a price to match. US supplier. – an excellent range of chips and accessories and reasonably priced delivery. One of the cheapest and best places to buy all your poker (and other gambling) related stuff online. UK-based, and a great selection to boot - I get all my buttons and all of the group's dice chips (5,000 of the buggers) from these lads, and can recommend the service.

Eurocoin – if you’re looking for a personalised set of chips this London-based company made the chips used on Celebrity Poker Club and Late Night Poker – Chipco casino-grade chips with your own design? They come at a price but if chip security is important to you this is the place to go…

Marlow Casino Chips – want the highest quality casino-grade chips shipped from a UK supplier (no customs charges)? Look no further….

Nevada Jacks - This is where we got our chips from.  All $1,500,000 dollar's worth. I'll never see THAT money again *sigh*. The ASM mold has been replaced now by the Blue Chip mold, but they still ain’t half bad. Sadly they don’t ship to the UK, so start looking for cheap flights...

Amazon - Do I need to write anything here? These guys sell every poker title in existence and they sell it cheaper than anyone else, and offer free delivery. You can even get your hands on stuff that hasn't been publsihed in the UK yet by ordering from one of their international sites. Why bother going anywhere else?

Gambling Books - The UK's leading online gambling bookshop. A very comprehensive listing of all poker related titles can be found here. My personal reading recommendations are on this page.

B&M Latex - Are you thinking of building your own poker table? You'll need some foam. These guys have all types, will cut to size and also deliver to your door. You can even order online.

Drinkstuff - more or less the same prices as The Golf HQ but a much wider range of chips and tables. They also sell books, DVDS, cards, table accessories - you name it, they've got it - all at low, low prices.

GQ Poker - a well established Kent-based business offering casino-standard hold'em poker tables in addition to Copag playing cards and poker chips.

John Bishop Gaming Tables -  based just outside Glasgow, John Bishop is another provider of really high-end poker tables - check them out!

Masino Gaming - I got one of our poker tables here. These guys made the tables at the Gutshot, and are one of the few suppliers of quality poker tables on the UK mainland. Also sell chips, cards and layouts.

The Nuts Poker - Looking for a top quality hand-built poker table? These lads produce beautiful looking Holdem tables and build to order!

UK Poker Tables - Another provider of custom-built poker tables with over twenty years experience in table design - great looking tables - and where we got our kidney-shaped custom logo job for The Walrus. Top banana!

Witney Poker Tables - Yet another builder of very span-dangly disco jacket stylie poker tables. So much choice, so little money. I feel like a fox in a chicken coop, I kid you not...

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -