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"I wouldn't have played it at all."

2+2 - Very busy forum presided over by David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth and Ray Zee, and one that is visited my many of the big names in poker. If you're looking for somewhere to dissect your plays this is probably the place to do it. HUGE list of topics in the forum area. You've been warned... -  Want to intimidate your opponents at your next game? Check out the 'chip tricks' forum on and mystify the opposition! 

Bet-The-Pot - a great site for articles on poker strategy, and a lively poker forum with advice and comments from pro and semi-pro contributors alike. - archived news and views from the poker world - from probably the most highly regarded poker magazine out there.

Douchebag Poker - 'Improving Efficiency At The Office' - hugely popular forum populated predominantly by US Players, and home of the WADB. 

Flop, Turn, River-  Great Texas Holdem Strategy site, with some interesting forums. Aimed at the amateur holdem player looking to improve his game and learn no limit Texas holdem strategies, tips, and tactics. Google newsgroup addressing all aspects of poker. - free web-based newsreader with a user-friendly interface and front-page access to the Rec.Gambling.Poker internet newsgroup (better known as RGP). My personal favourite over the slightly better known

WPT Fan - The (Unofficial) World Poker Tour Fan Site, run by Poker pro Andy Bloch. Some very entertaining stories, useful links and polls for anything and everything to do with poker and the World Poker Tour.

Blonde Poker - probably the busiest (and friendliest!) poker forum in the UK, the Blondites form a real online community and for live tournament updates this is definitely the place to go.

Cheeseypoker - Local forum for regulars to The Cheeseypoker home game up in Milton Keynes, run and moderated by 'Awesome Ali' Cheeseman.

Deep Stack Poker - picking up where Boston Green's UKTeamPoker left off, Steve (sparks) set up this site to cater particularly for the wider poker community in SE London. Likely to get busier and busier as word spreads....

Gutshot, The - Very busy, friendly forum belonging to the cardroom of the same name in London EC1 - The local message board for the London Poker Meetup - A lively UK-orientated poker forum, and thankfully spam-free, run and moderated by Matt Dale, organiser of Bristol Poker Meetup.

Pokerology - Local forum for regulars to what was once The Slough Palace home game (sadly no more), run and moderated by Tim Ryerson.

Punters Lounge - One of the UK's friendliest poker forums, and THE place to go to it you're looking for value. Top tips on hard to find tournaments with the best overlays can be found here. Friendly bunch. Love their poker.

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -