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 "I once played poker with tarot cards.... 

                                                 ...I got a full house, and 4 people died."

OK, maybe not quite. Whilst we generally get together on Friday nights and aim to sit down and play at least once a week, any night of the week is good for playing poker and even Sundays aren't sacred. At the moment we have regular (weekly) games running every Friday, Saturday and Tuesday.  Check on the 'Cut The Crap' page for info.

       "You called a raise and a re-raise with THAT???" 

Play usually starts by seven-thirty (ish) and finishes anytime from midnight ‘til two, although we rarely have a fixed finish time – the game generally breaks when the last person gets bored or goes broke. All nighters are not unusual so check with whoever is hosting the game you're playing at.

To find out when the next game is being held just go here!  

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -