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 "If you can't quit the best hand, you can't play."

Please DON'T change your mind at the last minute. It's bloody annoying for those who have made the effort to come only to sit down to a short-handed game, it's bloody annoying for those we've had to turn away from the game because the table is ostensibly full, and it's bloody annoying for the hosts who've got in all those sausage rolls.

       "Oh. Is it to me? What's the minimum raise?"

Whilst we understand there are genuine reasons for not being able to make it, 'I'm feeling a bit tired' or 'The Wife wanted me to go shopping' aren't among them, and just not showing up at all without so much as a call is just plain rude. Just so you know. If you DO commit to a game and subsequently fail to turn up without so much as a 'Sorry I Can't Make It' we think it only fair that you PAY for your seat for that night - tenner to the host please :o)

Most games have a published start time (typically 19:30hrs), which if you can't make you shouldn't really put yourself down for! At the very least you should let the game's host know if you're going to be running late. The first game of the night is normally a freezeout, so if you're not there to take your seat at the kick-off you will normally be 'blinded out' until you arrive. 

In simple terms, you're expected to treat your host’s house as you would want your own home treated and respect any rules he may have with regards to excessive noise, smoking, or flirting with his wife. That's pretty much it. Oh, and don't try and walk into his fitted wardrobe thinking it's the khazi. That never goes down well. No, really.

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -