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We come into this life with absolutely nothing. I still have most of mine.

Our games are all friendly, social ones with a broad mixture of abilities and experience, and players come from a very diverse variety of backgrounds and professions. Ages range from the mid-20s to late-50s. The unifying factor in the group is our love of the game and the fact that as a group we're a reasonably sane, friendly bunch who just happen to want each other's money!

The effect of the Stella was clear, but the cards were blurry....

In our time we have played host to company directors, bank managers, doctors, actors, journos, students, musicians, lecturers, cabbies, chefs, management consultants, gardeners, IT technicians, lorry drivers, dentists, bar staff, teachers, city fund managers, chauffeurs, policemen, postmen, film producers, recruitment consultants, engineers,  black cab drivers - even PC games testers (jammy bastards).

Not to mention the odd (sometimes very odd) minicab controller... 

Many of us have known each other for some years, but we are keen to bring new players into the game and are always on the lookout for new people who are interested in playing (and perhaps even hosting) games regularly. If you've only ever played online and are looking to make the move to live play then our game would be ideal for you - most of our group started as online players. If you're a relative newcomer to the game and are interested in playing but are perhaps a bit daunted by what you may have seen in casino cardrooms or on the TV we'd be more than happy to show you the ropes. 

Put simply, all friendly, reasonably sane people are welcome to our games. 

None of us are pros (anyone who has played us can vouch for that), none of us do this for a living, and the standard of play at our games can vary from very, very poor to (occasionally) surprisingly good, often from the same player in one sitting. We all share a common  enthusiasm for the game and like to think we're all learning it together, and if we can nick a few quid from our contemporaries along the way, well all the better. It might be enticing for you to know that some among our number appear to still be at the stage of learning the hand rankings! 

We have about 40-50 regulars from a pool of well over 180 registered players who play occasionally. As far as the regulars are concerned if you want to know more about us you'l be wanting the Profiles section. If you want to be transported there as if by Magic, just click here...

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -