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 "The next best thing to playing poker & winning, is playing poker & losing."

There are a number of regulars who run weekly, fortnightly or monthly games, and unless someone somewhere is willing to give us free loan of a card room / casino* these are normally held in players’ homes throughout the London area. We also currently have regular games running in a working men's club and in a private room above a pub, both across 'The Great Divide' in the mythical land known as Darwin's Waiting Room

                  Never invite a bulldog to your game...

Whilst we always provide cards, poker chips, cut cards, dealer button, a table and (occasionally) chairs, in all other respects our games are all BYOE event (Bring Your Own Everything). This means your host might stump up for nibbles and possibly soft drinks, but fat cigars, steak sandwiches and fine wine don't come as standard, nor should you glug all the whisky. Steph.

* any philanthropic cardroom managers out there? :o)

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -