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"The only way to win is to play.

                                         Unfortunately, it is also the only way to lose"

If you already know someone in the poker group just get them to recommend you or name-drop big time. Failing that new faces are welcome as long as you just tell us a bit about yourself first (we’re a suspicious bunch). If you can convince us you're not really an axe-swinging psychopath looking for a good game of ol' Texas Chop 'Em you'll be alright. 

   All these chips, and me on Atkins...

Alternatively (if you'd rather put faces to names before sitting down with a bunch of complete strangers who want your money) you could always come along to one of the regular Pub Meetups held in London every month It's a good opportunity to meet some of us over a beer or three (or four!), chat about poker, swap stories and maybe play a little bit of poker too!

Once you’re in, however, you’re in, and if you’ve sat in on one game, and provided you've proved yourself to be a reasonably sane person who does not verbally abuse other players (unless you are married to them), start a fight with someone (unless you are married to them), start a fire (unless it's cold and there's a fireplace), cheat (I have a large baseball bat), or fart at the table (without at least lighting a match or saying, "Excuse me!") then you're basically always going to be welcome to our games, and to bring friends into the game with you as long as you're prepared to vouch for them, and can keep 'em away from my cigars...

In the case of Steph, another bottle of The Macallan to replace the one you drank last time (jk). Hosts usually provide chips, chairs, cards, cut cards, a timer, a dealer button and (quite often, depending on the venue) a proper poker table. Failing that we sit round an old kitchen table covered in felt. Ho hum.  Whoever's hosting the game usually provides crisps and nibbles but not drinks. It's always nice when someone philanthropic gets the beers in but don't rely on it! In simple terms, if you want something, bring it! Sometimes we all chip in for pizza, but you'll basically just need £10 - £30 sit-down money, a sense of humour and possibly Bus Fare Home...

If you've played with us before you're already on the email list and should  automatically receive details of games as and when they are organised.  Typically there are at least four games a month, but this should increase over time as more and more people start to host games (HINT HINT!)

If you want to play you can email the host directly or via the email link on the host's game page. Just go to Home Games on the left there, choose the game you want, click on the appropriate link, and Robert's your father's brother. The host will contact you directly with confirmation of your seat, and details of the venue and directions nearer the time. We don't publish venue details on the site.

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -