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"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first".

We're not all pretty faces, in fact some of us have the kind of looks that can stop clocks, but several members of the group actually fancy themselves in the writing department. Not me (I just fancy myself. Period). Listed below for your delectation are an assortment of blogs, rants and online diaries maintained by some of our more reflective, cogitative and analytical 7-2offers. Read them. Learn from them. Find out whether or not they re-raised you with crap that time or actually had the goods. For those who are interested, I took my blog down because it was (a) f-ing narcissistic and (b) gave away all my ruddy secrets. Quoth the Raven 'Nevermore'.

Chocolate TV -   Rick T 

Give Me Back My Money! - Graeme S

Meejaboy Versus The World- Matt C

Texas Holdem NL Beginners Log - Dave W

The Poker Taswegian - Cameron G

The Trials And More Trials Of The Mighty Ricardoon - Rich S

The Education of a Micro-Grinder - Richard S

Dale's Blog - Dale L

Want your blog listed? Want it removed? Email me and I shall make it so!

                          - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -