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"I fart in your general direction..."

This is yet another tourney hosted by our friends at Pokerstars (do you see a pattern developing?), a private monthly tournament where poker clubs from all over Europe compete against one another for kudos, bragging rights and (most importantly) money. They are usually held on the last Sunday of the month at 20:15hrs, but very often there are two in a month, so be sure and check the schedule below or our rather amusingly titled 'Cut The Crap' page on this website. If you want to scope the competition have a butcher's at the Club Poker website. Laurent has put together a great looking site that really puts this one to shame, and clearly has far too much bloody time on his hands ;o) 

In order to play you’ll need to download the poker software from Pokerstars and register. You can find the games by looking under ‘tournaments’ and ‘private’ and looking for the letters 'CPC' or 'Club Poker Challenge' and some roman numerals. 

     Just look for 'Club Poker Championship' - c'est facile! 

It’s a regular ‘Stars format, the buy-in is $10+$1 for T1500, with sometimes as many as 200 competitors or more. All 7-2offsuit members are welcome to come and have a go if they think they're hard enough. Several of us have final tabled one of these, but so far only Duncan Luff(dax666) has managed to pull of a win - see a replay of his glorious victoire (see that private education paying dividends again) right here.

Please click here for the current Club Poker leaderboard (foot of page)

Name          Game Date EntrantsFinal TableTourney Winner
CPC IThursday 19 Jan 2006   203 Click here    Yaya1702
CPC IIThursday 09 Feb 2006   173 Click here     Pima974
CPC IIIThursday 02 Mar 2006   180 Click here   romaintique
CPC IVThursday 23 Mar 2006   208 N / AVAIL    fab_mtp
CPC VThursday 13 Apr 2006   154 Click here   magicdume
CPC VIThursday 04 May 2006   163 Click here
CPC VIIThursday 25 May 2006 Click here
CPC VIIIThursday 15 Jun 2006 Click here
CPC IXThursday 06 Jul 2006 Click here
CPC XThursday 27 Jul 2006 Click here
CPC XIThursday 17 Aug 2006 Click here
CPC XIIThursday 07 Sep 2006 Click here
CPC XIIIThursday 28 Sep 2006 Click here
CPC XIVThursday 19 Oct 2006 Click here
CPC XVThursday 09 Nov 2006 Click here
CPC XVIThursday 30 Nov 2006 Click here
CPC XVIIThursday 21 Dec 2006 Click here

The password for these tournaments is usually the same but is quite often changed for their annual tournaments, in which case email Dave P.

When: MONTHLY – usually the last Tuesday of every month at 20:15hrs

Where: Pokerstars

Runners: Usually 80-200

Buy-in: $10 + $1

Format: No Limit Texas Holdem (freezeout)

Password: Yes

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -