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Playing bad cards out of position since 2004...

The 7-2 Offsuit Online games are private weekly tournaments open to all registered 7-2 Offsuit members (and anyone else who has been enterprising enough to uncover the Top Secret password*). We hold them more or less every Thursday at (give or take) 20:30hrs UK time. That's something like - er - 15:30hrs 'Pokerstars' time, wherever the hell that is. 

Without question the most reliable (in terms of software stability) and effective (in terms of tournament structures) online card room out there at the moment is Pokerstars, and that's where we currently host all of our private 7-2 Offsuit Online tournaments. It has absolutely nothing to do with our receiving a humungous kickback from 'Stars for every new player who signs up. Nossiree Bob. Pokerstars rules!

Unless you've been specifically invited by an existing member you must be a member of the group to participate. In order to play you’ll just need to download the software from Pokerstars (ka-ching!) and register. You can then find the tournaments themselves by going to the ‘tournaments’ tab and looking under the ‘private’ tab for ‘7-2offuit Online’.

        Found it? Robert is indeed your father's brother...

It’s a regular Pokerstars structure, the buy-in is $10 + $1 for T1500. We hope to eventually offer Deep Stacks tourneys on 'Stars, and will start to post these just as soon as Pokerstars caves in to our relentless demands!

Whilst at the moment we are able to cater for a maximum of 200 runners that’s never likely to be a problem - a typical turnout on a Thursday night is around fifteen. We typically run two games back to back, a No Limit Holdem game and (for the action junkies) a Pot Limit Omaha 8 game. Both games have the same password. Currently only the HE tourney is included in the Online League Table, which is a bit of a shame because I suck at it. All tournament results are recorded on the website and in the incredibly popular and lively 7-2 Offsuit forums for all to see. Oh dear, how embarrassing. 

When: WEEKLY - every Thursday at 20:30hrs

Where: Pokerstars

Runners: 200 maximum

Buy-in: $10 + $1

Format: No Limit Texas Holdem (freezeout)

Password: Yes*

* CLUE: It's someone's nickname...

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -